We work with wood, and as everyone knows, being irresponsible about where wood comes from is not good for anybody.

We only ever buy wood from sustainable sources, which are either FSC or PEFC controlled, meaning that for every tree cut down, they plant 3 more. We also only ever purchase wood that has a EUTR certificate which prevents illegal logging, and protects ancient forests around the world.

You may also like to know that it takes much less energy, water and fuel to turn a tree into the wood we use for our invitations, than it does to create paper or card – even recycled options. What’s more, the wood itself is carbon-neutral, biodegradable and will last a lifetime if your guests did want to keep it as a momento.

Our ink is child friendly (not that you would want to eat it! – that’s what the wedding cake is for), it is UV cured, so doesn’t rely on nasty solvents to evaporate into atmosphere, and is cured using environmentally friendly ultra violet lights, rather than strong halogens.

It’s also good to know that we have gone through our entire supply chain and we can guarantee that none of our raw materials or processes have been tested on animals.

Our studio is powered by renewable energy and we have a low wastage policy, with many of our wood offcuts donated to play groups, art charity groups and schools for their creative projects.

If you would like to know more, get in touch.